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Newsletter Healthy Brain Study - June 2022

In this newsletter we introduce you to our new promotion assistant, tell you more about our participant panel and inform you about the Radboud AI Summer Cafe. Enjoy this newsletter and enjoy the summer!

Participant panel
First meeting

8 June 2022

Last month we had our first meeting with our participant panel. Nine (old) participants seized the opportunity to think along with us about the study and research questions. Curious about the topics we discussed? Read the whole article here.

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The project team...
Paulien van Merrienboer, promotion assistant

24 May 2022

"Most of the time I am on the road to talk to the target group and provide information. I hope to make them enthusiastic to participate in the study."

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Why do we collect feces?

15 June 2022

With the Healthy Brain Study we aim to answer questions like: Do your gut bacteria predict how well you are able to cope with stress in daily life?

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Radboud AI Summer Café - June 23
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15 June 2022

This event is organized by Radboud AI for researchers to share their expertise and experiences featuring pitches of projects, ideas and interests grouped by topic. With this event we aim to strengthen the connection among AI researchers at Radboud University and Radboudumc.

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Roshan Cools receives ERC advanced grant

3 May 2022

"In my ERC project, we will study how the brain computes when effortful control is required and when it is not, and how we decide when to prioritize which behavioral strategy. In this context we will focus on behavioural control in the context of stressors".

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HBS in the media

HBS in the media in the past few months (in Dutch):

Progress of the study

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Partners of the Healthy Brain Study

A substantial part of the Healthy Brain Study participants are recruited by employers that support our study by (partly) compensating the hours of participants and/or communicating about the study. We are glad that the following partners support the Healthy Brain Study.

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