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6 October 2022

This month we are on the cover of the October edition of the magazine Hallo! Nijmegen. A very nice article in which you can read more about the Healthy Brain Study, but also about the unique collaboration on the Radboud Campus.

Lucy Overbeek, project manager: "After two full days of 'brain teasers', the contours of the research emerged: we wanted to follow participants for a year and take three measurements during that year. After all, we are not stable and always the same, but subject to countless external influences. In addition, we wanted to investigate human behavior from a holistic approach, ie with all the different areas of expertise and associated perspectives together. That makes this research unique and will provide an extraordinarily rich #dataset, which in turn can form the basis of countless other studies.

More than 250 scientists are now working together. Examples of disciplines associated with the research are social sciences, management sciences, biology, linguistics and brain sciences."

Curious about the whole article? Read it here (in Dutch).