How to get access?

After two successful rounds, we are happy to announce the third and last round of the preliminary Healthy Brain Study (HBS) data release. While the first two rounds were only open to researchers who were involved in the design and data collection of the Healthy Brain Study, this round is open to all researchers of Radboud University, Radboudumc, and the MPI for Psycholinguistics.

Please find below the goals of the preliminary data release, the data access procedure, the deadline and a perspective on the future of the HBS data repository.


Goals of the preliminary data release

  1. Test and optimize our data access procedure
  2. Provide you with a subset of the data to answer a research question, develop methods, pilot analyses.

Data access procedure
Please read the bylaws for full context and procedures!
Step 1: Select the data you would like to request in the data table by checking the request check-boxes. We can only readily release data which has been cleaned, processed, uploaded, and complemented with metadata. If you request data which are not available yet, please keep in mind additional waiting time.
Step 2: Fill in the data request form.
Step 3: Your data request is reviewed by the HBS Data Access Committee (DAC) for general eligibility, consistency between research question and data request, and data privacy.  
Step 4: Upon successful evaluation, the data transfer agreement is signed. Please note that preregistration of the research proposal is required before signing. We require a preregistration because it promotes transparency in science.
Step 5: Download the requested data from PEP (Polymorphic Encryption and Pseudonymisation), our data sharing repository, onto your Digital Research Environment (DRE), project drive or secure alternative processing environment (instructions on how to download the data will follow shortly). We strongly advise to use DRE whenever possible. Always check your data when receiving them and give us feedback if you detect any mistakes or inconsistencies!
Step 6: Publish your results and acknowledge the Healthy Brain Study. 

Data request submission deadline
November 29, 2023

Important considerations
Since the primary goal of preliminary HBS data release is to test and optimize our data access procedure, we rely on you to provide feedback, be patient, and think along how to improve the procedure. In other words, if you are under time pressure or expect perfectly curated data, we kindly ask you to wait for the final data release. How fast you will get access to the data will depend on the type of data that you request.

We need your help!
Have you contributed to the HBS? Please contact us about the preprocessing of the data.

Future perspective final data release
Planning and testing the last sessions of our participants has been very successful. We recently had the 2000th test day and finished the 500th complete dataset. The last 100 participants currently finish their last assessment. Data acquisition will finish at the end of this year and we predict that the final release will include around 700 full data sets, in addition to around 300 participants with partial data. We are very proud of and grateful to the recruitment team, the research assistants, and the data team who are making this possible!

For questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact

Relevant documents
Bylaws version 2
Data request form version 3
Data table 500 participants version 1
Data transfer agreement version 3