How to get access?

Between 2019 and 2024, we have tested over 900 individuals in their thirties, who have collectively spent over 500,000 hours on tests and tasks. On December 30, 2023, the last testing day took place. Data collection in the lab, at home, and online has been very successful. In total, we conducted more than 2300 testing days and include over 700 complete datasets. Additionally, around 300 participants collected partial data. This study marks the next step in comprehending the human brain and its dynamic and individual functioning within its bio-social context. With great enthusiasm, the set-up of an accessible resource for the scientific community is drawing closer. We are very proud of and grateful to the recruitment team, research assistants, and data team, who made all of this possible!

After three successful rounds, we are happy to announce the 4th round of the preliminary Healthy Brain Study (HBS) data release. While the first three rounds provided researchers with data from a subset of the Healthy Brain Study, this round offers data from all HBS subjects (905 subjects were included, 724 subjects participated in all 3 assessments). All researchers of Radboud University, Radboudumc, and the MPI for Psycholinguistics are eligible to request data.

Please find below the goals of the preliminary data release, the data access procedure, the deadline and a perspective on the future of the HBS data repository.


Goals of the preliminary data release

  1. Test and optimize our data access procedure
  2. Provide you with data from all HBS subjects to answer a research question, develop methods, pilot analyses.


Data access procedure

IMPORTANT: all final documents will be updated or become available on May 6th 2024

The accepted project proposals will be updated by May 13th 2024.

Please read the bylaws for full context and procedures!

Please look at the data tablemetadata and the protocol paper for more information on the measures and the responsible experts who contributed to the design and/or the preprocessing of the data. We strongly suggest that you contact and collaborate with these researchers when requesting the data.

Step 1: Fill in the data request form and select which data and – if applicable – data from which session you would like to request. We can only readily release data which has been cleaned (C), processed (P), uploaded (U), and complemented with metadata (M). If you request data which are not available yet, please keep in mind additional waiting time.
Step 2: Your data request is reviewed by the HBS Data Access Committee (DAC) for general eligibility, consistency between research question and data request, and data privacy.  
Step 3: Upon successful evaluation, the data transfer agreement is signed. Please note that preregistration of the research proposal is required before signing. We require a preregistration because it promotes transparency in science.
Step 4: Read the data download manual, which explains how to download the data from PEP (Polymorphic Encryption and Pseudonymisation), our data sharing repository, onto your Digital Research Environment (DRE), project drive or secure alternative processing environment. Always check your data when receiving them and give us feedback if you detect any mistakes or inconsistencies!
Step 6: Use our standard texts and references for your preregistration, publications and grant applications.


Data request submission deadline
June 24th, 2024


Important considerations

Since the primary goal of preliminary HBS data release is to test and optimize our data access procedure, we rely on you to provide feedback, be patient, and think along how to improve the procedure. In other words, if you are under time pressure or expect perfectly curated data, we kindly ask you to wait for the final data release. How fast you will get access to the data will depend on the type of data that you request.


Future perspective final data release

Data acquisition finished at the end of last year. We are very proud of and grateful to the recruitment team, the research assistants, and the data team who are making this possible. We also thank the experts who have been supporting our team in preprocessing the data and making them available to all of you!


For questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact


Relevant documents

HBS bylaws version 2

HBS metadata version 1

HBS data table version 1

HBS data request form version 1

HBS data transfer agreement template version 3

HBS data download manual version 2

HBS standard texts and references version 1