Healthy Brain Study Latest news A successful (participant) event

26 September 2022

On September 20, the first physical (participant) event of the Healthy Brain Study took place. In this news item we look back at the event.

Interactive session in the Red Room

In addition to the status of the study by project manager Lucy Overbeek, this time the theme was 'The thirty-something dilemma'. None other than Nienke Wijnants gave an interactive inspiration session and entered into a conversation with the audience. Nienke has shared tips and tricks on how to deal with the 'thirties dilemma'.

Lab tour

After the inspiring session, participants and guests were able to take a look at our labs. Vivian (research assistant), Vera (research associate), Merle (research assistant) and Lucy (project manager), provided the tour. During this tour, many questions were asked by the attendees, which led to fun and interesting conversations.

Evaluation form

During the event, we also asked the visitors to fill in an evaluation form. We used this form to collect research questions (questions that concern the participants/visitors) and for feedback about the event.

The evaluation forms were completed in large numbers, for which we are very grateful. Huge interesting research questions have been shared. We will share this with the researchers, so that it can perhaps be included in the data analysis after the study.

Overall it was a successful evening!