NewsletterDec22 The project team...

15 November 2022

The project team is responsible for the daily running of the Healthy Brain Study. Cengiz Karaman is on of our new research assistants.

"I always found it fascinating when we can visualize the brain using various imaging techniques. Of course we know that the brain plays a major role in everything we do, such as making choices, good nutrition, relaxation, etc. However, we do not know how all this is connected. In order to find an answer to this question, I want to contribute to this project. As a research assistant at the Healthy Brain Study, I supervise participants during the measurements during the test days.

What is your goal during the study?

"My goal is to contribute to science through good data collection. This data can be of great help to researchers in unraveling the brain. Of course I also want to guide the participants as well as possible!"