31 October 2023

Healthy Brain Study preliminary data release round 2023-3 first 500 subjects

The Healthy Brain Study (HBS) is happy to announce the third round of the preliminary data release. All researchers of Radboud University, Radboudumc, and the MPI for Psycholinguistics are eligible to request data!


The goals of this release are to provide you with the data of the first 500 subjects to answer a research question, develop methods, or to pilot analyses, as well as to test and optimize our data access procedure.

To get access to the data, you need to fill in a request form, which will be evaluated by the HBS data access committee. For more information on the data access procedures, please visit the HBS website.


The data request submission deadline is November 29, 2023.

Since we want to test and optimize our data access procedure, we rely on you to provide feedback, be patient, and think along how to improve the procedure. If you are under time pressure or expect perfectly curated data, we kindly ask you to wait for the final data release. How fast you will get access to the data will depend on the type of data that you request.


For questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us hbs-data@radboudumc.nl.