NewsletterMay2023 100 Radboudgebaren (gestures)

21 February 2023

Involving society in research is important. But some people don't know how research works and have a lot of questions. Which persons are involved? For example, what kind of tests will they do? What do they expect from me? Sometimes people get too afraid to participate because all of these questions. That is why we brought the research to the people on May 11. Visitors of the Shopping Center in Dukenburg were free to take a look in our "kitchen".

For example, you could test how strong and fit you are. You could measure your hand grip strength, do the 4-meter walk test and get an idea of ​​your body composition. It was a great success. Many visitors have taken various tests and learned something about their health and doing research.

This Radboud gesture is a collaboration with the Department of Physiology (Radboudumc) and Studio Kanaalzone.